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What is Clickpair?

A fun and engaging social online clubhouse, all under one roof! Right from your mobile device or desktop computer, Clickpair lets you share ideas, post questions, chat with friends, compete against users in topic based competitions, utilize a freelance marketplace & tutoring system, and so much more.

Anybody can join. And yes, that means you! Whether you're seasoned in your career, a new student, or just plain ole bored and looking for a fun social experience, just know there is a fit for you on Clickpair. Our wide variety of topics, categories, and features will be sure to keep you active for hours at a time.


Have Fun & Get Rewards

You can compete for a spot on the Leader Board and Top 5 Contributors section by gaining badge points for bragging rights. Badge points will help to promote friendly competition as well as give users a chance to interact with one another.

Points are earned by asking questions, answering questions, friends & family signing up via the Invite Friends feature, and each time a user agrees with your answer.

Being proactive and challenging other users will help to put you into gear to start earning points.

Click here to learn more about earning and losing points.

Question Invite Feature

Need answers for your homework or questions in general? Get your questions answered faster!

Clickpair allows you to post questions on an assortment of topics. Our Question Invite feature allows you to be proactive and forward your posted questions to multiple users at once. This will help to get your questions answered much faster.

Freelance Marketplace

Are you a freelancer with skills or a client wanting to free up time by outsourcing your tasks or projects?

Our marketplace allows freelancers the ability to earn an income by putting their skills to use.

Clients have the ability to post and outsource virtually any task or project that can be delivered digitally over the internet.

Freelancers don't have to worry about paying any upfront costs when accepting tasks & projects from clients. This will help you to build a steady client base without breaking your pockets.

Freelance Tutoring System

Willing to share your expertise? Tutor students and help them to gain knowledge and skills, and in the process you'll earn an extra income.

Clickpair's tutoring system has competitive pricing, and a user-friendly design for students and adults of all ages and backgrounds. That means no matter who you are, you will highly appreciate the easiness in learning. We offer flexible scheduling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our private, one-on-one tutoring system allows BOTH tutors and students to create time slots. Affordable prices can be set by students creating time slots for what they can afford to pay, and tutors creating time slots have the ability to set prices for what they want to get paid.

There are a vast amount of categories to choose from that go way beyond your traditional school topics. Literally, anything you can think of that can be taught or learned over a digital learning environment can be accomplished on our tutoring system.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the 1 hour of free tutoring! Requirements for becoming a tutor are super easy! All new tutors must give a one-time requirement of an hour long session for free. That's an easy requirement to earn an additional income.

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